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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Creating Sacred Space


Having a special place to communicate with the private spiritual you is often a necessity in our demanding lives. Most people take very little time to listen to their own thoughts which in the long run can develop a sense of confusion, loss of purpose or direction. Those who have created an area of sacred space inside the home, or garden can gain clarity and recharge their energy when it is needed.
Such a space is used for reflection and meditation, but it must be quiet – so enter your space when you have the house to yourself (the babies are asleep, the children are at school). Find a time that suits your lifestyle (early morning, day or night) and try to do this once or twice a week for 30 minutes. Look for a space in your home that feels right for you; maybe it has filtered light that lets the sun in, or a garden just outside a window that brings in the smell of herbs or flowers. If your sacred space is in a lounge room in a comfortable chair you won’t be the only one (a popular choice). 
To enhance your sacred space decorate it with things that you feel are special even holy. Find things that have meaning; you might have sacred statues or idols that comfort you. You could choose some soft ambient music, something relaxing (without words) or just listen to the birds. Maybe a candle, incense or fresh flowers would be nice. Then put on your comfortable clothes and sit down with a lovely warm blanket if desired.  Sit with your eye’s closed and listen to your inner chatter and the profound thoughts that follow, but don’t try to force anything, just let it happen.  Oh, and have a notebook handy in case you have insights that need recording.
The more you come to this sacred place the more empowered it will become – because you are empowering it every time your ritual begins. Use this peaceful time to create a full understanding of yourself and others and you will be a wise and beautiful being, a gift to all.
The Sage   Sharon D Bush

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