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Friday, 5 October 2012

The Creative Mastery Within

Creativity is one of humanities natural states if all is well and the body is healthy. Intricate designs and wondrous inventions are prevalent in our recorded history and way beyond that. The remains of ancient civilisations testify to the remarkable ideas that people were and still are capable of. Creative insights are of lightening speed – as if from neon rivers of energetic energy flowing in and around us. Illuminations that spring to mind can be mild to passionate and only the course of a few days will offer its true value. If it still holds its power you must decide whether to pursue it now on an unrelenting quest or save if for later which might mean its demise.

Creative insights involve a place, time and date that pushes to the surface on the day you are ready to receive the information. It could have happened two years ago but it didn’t, or maybe it did but you ignored it! Life is fast, but if you don’t slow down and read the signs you’ve written yourself, trouble will arise! There is a vast need within to do something meaningful, to gain some skill and personal satisfaction in the course of a lifetime. Such creative mastery is within everyone’s capabilities, though we work this proficiency at different levels depending on our mental and physical capabilities.  Fulfilment arrives when you begin to understand the innate talent of the creative self.

Don’t underestimate the sabotage that the insecure part of your emotions can bring to life. Like a virus you can infect yourself with the negative images that restrict growth and slow your journey. Surround yourself with people that have a healthy outlook on life, the ones that offer an example of what they have achieved through joy and persistence. Remove any negative programming from childhood or adolescence that is not your own, if any? Hopefully by now you have cleared out anything that does not belong to you. Creativity can only thrive in a space that is free of debris. Keep up that creative flow with exercise and nutritious food – if your engine is tried your body will use its energy to recuperate.

Vastly creative as humanity is there are people who insist that they are not good at anything, in this case it is important to look harder or look for something that has blocked your creativity and release yourself from these shackles. Everyone is creative and the world is a mighty big place to find inspiration. Sometimes it is necessary to go through an awakening, to break free of the normal confines and look beyond. Just because it hasn’t been done before doesn’t mean you won’t be the first. Take that enlightened spirit and let it see the sun dance over the water. Be meaningful and use your creative mastery for personal empowerment and the good of all.


 The Sage   Sharon D Bush
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