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Saturday, 13 July 2013

The New Bohemian Age

The signs of a bohemian surge are prominent! Creativity is reawakened in a wide-ranging freedom to express the core of each profound signature. The freethinking heart is willing to follow its desires with very little pressure from outside influences. Though we tend to think of the struggling artists of the last few centuries as bohemians, this new emergence offers well paid creative careers for the gifted! This increasing precedent spans the fields of art, architecture, philosophy, poetry, sculpture, music, photography, writing, fashion, films performance art, interior/exterior design, technology, engineering, and the inspiring computer programing that allows everyone the chance to offer their artist talents to the greater world.

This suggests that upcoming artists can initially work to support daily life and use their spare time to enhance their creative works and evolving ideas. If public recognition occurs they may be able to immerse themselves in their ideal lifestyle on a more permanent basis. Surviving on the monetary rewards of your creative labours means you are living a full rich bohemian lifestyle. The true essence of meaning can be appreciated in creative pursuits whether you are making a living out of it or not. In the creative moment you are pristine spiritual energy – you are the genius gathering from the source and like a spark you illuminate. Visions, dreams and imaginings make you the creator – maybe the supreme omnipotent is within – not without!
Enjoy the delights of the new bohemian age; go to a performance or a gallery exhibition; there should be a wide range to choose from.  Maybe some bohemian music will lift your artistic drive. Remember to expose your children to these inspiring occasions. Do what makes you happy – we are all required to make our own.  Dress for your own pleasure, not what society recommends. Embellish you home in the colours that bring warmth and captivation. Wake up and feel like you are truly living an inspired life. Walk outside and be inspired by the viridian landscape. Joy is everywhere if you choose to look, but if your creativity is greatly inspired by the daily hardships that you were born into, or injustices that you see in the world – use that to free yourself (either mentally or physically). Wrap yourself in an azure blanket and contemplate the infinity of your original thought! Create in purity and your limitless being will rise to the utopian ideals you have set yourself.

The Sage   Sharon D Bush

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