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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Observation, Interpretation and Judgement

People have a great capacity to observe what is around them. There are so many wonders to view in daily life; both the small and the great inspire us to interpret and judge what we have seen. We are soaking it all in even when we feel it is of little importance. We observe, interpret and judge in our own way depending on the influences, experience and knowledge we have gained so far. Three people viewing the same event, standing right next to each other will have different notions, emotions and judgements about the scene in front of them.
Where people are concerned it is important not to judge too quickly! There may be circumstances that you are not aware of when you see someone behaving badly or strangely. Maybe there where events leading up to a display of anger or frustration? If you know the person in question you might think the behaviour is out of character, but when it’s a stranger many are quick to judge in an unfavourable light. Though we love and care for others, it is easy to ignore the double standards we keep. We can judge someone harshly for something we have probably done ourselves. So be kind, think carefully before making any vocal or silent rulings. Things are not always as they seems.
It is of course a natural process to interpret and judge the view before us – it’s a survival mechanism that can steers us away from danger, help us make decisions and lead us to find love and companionship. We need these abilities, we just need to be gently in our assessment of others when they are having a bad day or need our help.

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