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Friday, 26 August 2016

Why we Need Peaceful Minds to Improve Humanities Future


Humanity comes from a fear driven history, a fear that will always be present. Moderate safety and housing have been achieved by the majority, though pockets of anguish still flare for many. Generally the population is now in a position to create the magnificent, peaceful, creative existence that brings joy. By working on fairer global systems that bring benefit in a sustainable way, we will finally make progress. By working in non-detrimental occupations we make a stand for what we believe in. Remove greed and discover what families really needs. Those with peaceful minds should be nominated as the leaders, town planners and community liaisons of our future.

Our minds are capable of greater achievements than we believe, but how will we know if we don’t give ourselves some time and space to find out. So far individuals and team efforts have dragged us out of our simple existence from fire to electricity and harnessing the power of the sun! From the wheel cars evolved and now aircraft's are commonplace. Most of our latest technologies would have drawn ridicule fifty years ago! That said it is important to monitor the purpose of all future technologies, by asking if they offer humanity a harmonious time-saving experience or a complicated debt ridden existence.

Can we stretch our inspirational minds even further; can we see the lightening before the storm? Do we banish fear and traverse beyond known limits and will our vision let us get that far? Clarity strikes when we remove the fallacies that litter our world. Strive for more than is on the surface. Trust what you can see and feel, but do not dismiss the things that linger on the periphery. There is always more to consider. Don’t stand for hearsay or media gossip; look at several sources before making bold judgments and then remember that most things are subject to change – especially the minds of people. Find a passage to infinite magnificence’s! Allow space for new growth, while living a simple life of wise and meaningful abundance!

The future only brings clarity if our eyes are open and we work together in peaceful productive circumstances.

Sharon D Bush
Writer   Historian   Artisan   Sage     


Book: The Scrolls of Wisdom, philosophical/spiritual self-help book finished (on the final edit – looking for publishers).