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Saturday, 11 August 2012

Do we Need Success in the Public Arena or Just Personal Satisfaction?

We live in a world culture that places winning, success and fame high on the list of what is important. A lot of this is drummed into our heads in early childhood and high school/college, but after this you have to separate what you believe from what has been encoded. Life is not a competition, it may have a competitive edge from time to time, but if you live in a state of winning – that you have to be the best you will have short lived highs and long depressive lows (especially if you don’t value the journey).

The age of social media brings even more pressure for those with a need to impress. This can be quite a dangerous parcel for adolescences that are developing a sense of self, but get side-tracked with who they think they should be instead of who they really are. It takes courage to proudly show the real you and strive for personal satisfaction instead of fame. Do you really have something to prove to others?

Finding personal satisfaction in something you enjoy doing is real success! Public success and adoration may arrive one day, but not without a core of love, dedication, creative discovery and planning. Aim to fulfil your personal quest, that one thing that you consider worthy of your valuable time. It’s a desire, a calling, something that keeps you motivated and offers a challenge. Your quest may cover several years or a greater part of your lifetime, but you can’t stop because it is part of you. That said, there is no time limit and no rush, continue as inspiration hits.

Don’t follow success on some fools journey, discover your true potential and obtain personal satisfaction.

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