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Hierarchy: Breaking Through Restrictive Systems

  If you look carefully at the world you will find a multitude of restrictive human-made boundaries. Trying to achieve even the simplest and natural things can be difficult if there are a set of hurdles to jump over. Has bureaucracy reached a point of madness and have people accepted the limitations stacked before them? At some point people lost their confidence and no matter how proficient they are – some semi-conscious person tells them they are not qualified and need years of training. There seems to be people who set up all kinds of things that are revenue raising and bogged down in time wasting hierarchical systems. There may even be a few charlatans ready to test your resolve. Ask yourself if the certificate or end result is worth it and if it is recognised. Give yourself time to think and you’ll know if it’s right for you. It’s one thing to do an apprenticeship or course of learning that has some real content, but also acknowledge that you have acquired wisdom and intellig