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The Altering Effects of Under and Over Exposure

    W hat we are exposed to as children or adults has a vast impact on our future, especially on our beliefs and outlook. Children have limited power over what they are exposed to; daily life can offer green grass, creativity, play and laughter, but it can also offer great tragedy, fear and the unexpected. The minds pristine capacity slowly begins to fill with all that it has seen – hopefully the wisdom of joyous life experiences prevails over minor setbacks. Parents have the guiding power to limit what a child or pre-teen may be exposed to on television, computers, books and life in general. Strange how we gently ease our children into what we think is a shocking world. Caring parents give their children bite size pieces of information that is age appropriate. Parents know there are dangers for every child and try to bring them to adulthood with strength, wisdom and minimal over-exposure. The timing of exposure to new concepts may have its effects on young lives, but this is often