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Priorities for Living, No. 48

What are humanities priorities for living and have they changed for better or worse? We live in strange and uncertain times; there is a kind of smouldering hysteria on the world stage as uneducated leaders making questionable decisions. The priorities of politicians are somewhat different to the daily lives of families. Some struggle to find food and shelter, some are managing, while others have an easier existence. Invisible pollution is rife as efforts to contain damaging emissions continue as the clock ticks. Hands are tied and mouths are hushed as protesters are portrayed as radicals – yet, why are desires for earthy longevity and peace such a crime? Priorities for living are changing, but that depends on your view. If a reasonable reality is what you have, does it need closer inspection or not? Do people have the ability to see the overall picture of humanity or is that not their concern? How far does an individual’s empathy and action extend – to the family, extended fam