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Existence and Meaning, Inspirational Insight No. 70

    People are encased in a framework by which they assess life. This framework alters from the perspective of different nations, cultures and experiences. Family procedures and beliefs influence our childhoods, while young adults delve into break-away thinking. The advice we accept and that which we relinquish are equally important as we uncover new directions. Existence and meaning can be deep cryptic contemplations that hover within plain view, though answers seem to elude capture at the very last minute. Focusing on one’s self and humanities existence can be perplexing and it is not always encouraged. Questions and answers about origins, life and the universe will always linger in the minds of the curious. Life’s meaning could sit with a simple framework of play, discovery, education, employment, love, family and longevity, though this path may not be an obtainable. Existence, the reason we are alive at all, as individuals and as a species is more complex. Maybe a combination o