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Humanities Failure to See Itself, No. 62

Human beings are different from other animals in their heightened levels of creativity and destruction. People can invent, construct and use their natural surroundings for their own purposes. A single person can take their vision from insight to creation and sell it to the world in the form of a commodity. Yet our purpose as a species is often shrouded by the systems of living that we have built. Our daily lives are routine based, but our natural traits often rebel against that. We need to be free to a certain extent, but that is not what we have created. Our living system is to work, get paid and afford the things we need, but satisfaction is never enough, we desire so much more. Unfortunately humanities failure to see itself has become destructive. People are capable of good things, but recognising good from bad is getting lost in century’s old routine propaganda. Will greed and arrogance cause the deterioration of life on Earth? Are we really capable of getting along? The f

Propaganda and the Post Truth World. No. 61

Propaganda is a slow seeping weapon to control populations. Messages and false-truths are circulated in many forms till they become part of culture and everyday reality. Freedom of mind and freedom of speech in many countries should halt the progress of propaganda, but it is far more insidious than that! Words, sounds and images are emotional epics in their display when dark intentions guide them. This doesn’t mean that people can’t recognise this manipulation today; it means propaganda has infiltrated your family and community for centuries. The fight to unveil the truth has begun, while governments continue their steady rhetoric of control.  So, who can be trusted in a post truth world? What information is being sold and can you be convinced of its authenticity? If culture can be influenced and altered with a smooth transition, what really belongs to individuals, families and communities? Surely there are things that stem from inspiration, love and intelligence that belong

Humanity in the Age Climate Change, No.60

Is mass fear the only defence against climate change? Do the vast majority of people only worry about climate change when their houses are flooded, burning or plagued by storms? There is no better time to examine the human thinking process that says, ‘everything will be alright if I do nothing.’ Proceeding from day to day without the full realisation that life is in peril is abhorrent. The human mind is complex; safety mechanisms are playing in the minds of many. Without visual scenes of environmental destruction the message may not get through. Social media blasts footage of lifeless toxic land every few minutes, but nothing compares to seeing it in nature. As the heat rise’s people from low lying countries and Islands are watching their homes sink. Those is hot countries are facing unprecedented fires. Countries with regular storm seasons are breaking new records.   If it isn’t seen in person is it real to the individual? Sleep-walking through an environmental crisis is no l

The Rise of Humane Humanity, No. 59

    Shifts of consciousness have always been part of the human condition along with dark dispirited eras. When something heavy sits over the populous some people feel compelled to express what they are feeling, even though that can lead to risky situations. Those feeling trapped by societies that need to evolve often ban together to free themselves of a bleak mindset. As hope finds its way to the light activism surges and doubles its manifestation. Could we be witnessing the rise of Humane Humanity? Rising up for what you believe in can have uplifting or dire consequences depending on your moral beliefs. No one should go blindly into any cause without doing their own research. If your beliefs cause you to, endanger the future of any living creature, take the   life of any living creature, destroy the health of any living creature, pollute the habitat of any living creature, oppress the life of any living creature, is it worth joining? If however, you ch

Sensitive or Indifferent: Is humanity dividing into distinct social types? No. 58

  Change appears suddenly like an unexpected flower that arrives in your garden as natures wills it. Events that adjust world views can be challenging as some find a fixed unwavering life preferable. Life is a journey and humanity is evolving; its direction and future stability depends on clarity, understanding and empathy. Does humanity as a whole have the intelligence to see the devastating wrongs driven by greed and does this vision cause a clash of opinions. Is humanity dividing into distinct social types; sensitive and indifferent? As intelligent beings a desperate undercurrent for more has been the instigator for cruel unethical inventions and behaviours. Domination has been the aim for millennia. Continued supremacy over Earth, its people, animals, land, oceans, sky and space will result in a wasteland. Are our moral codes acceptable; could revolution amend old ways of thinking in order to evolve our emotional intelligence?   Constant harm has become normal, always tak

Deep Innate Knowing’s of Something More, No.57

On the surface, people have their personalities, beliefs, cultural backgrounds and bodily structures for easy recognition. Conversations are made for better understanding, though close family and friends have the best view of who we are, provided sharing is a natural trait. ‘That said’ there is so much more that is never verbalised .’ People have a controlled outer expression, emotional inner voice and a deep innate knowing of something more. Many have tried to explain this well of comfort, knowledge and illumination for millennia in many different languages. Various names have been given for this mystical empowerment, though accessing this place of clarity is of more importance. The only way to enter this realm is to lift your sword and cut away the stagnant, ignorant, self-centred parts of being. What remains’ is the pure soulful origins of spirit, a foundation to build upon while you explore the deeper side of your personality, beliefs and existence. This journey ca