Deep Innate Knowing’s of Something More, No.57

On the surface, people have their personalities, beliefs, cultural backgrounds and bodily structures for easy recognition. Conversations are made for better understanding, though close family and friends have the best view of who we are, provided sharing is a natural trait. ‘That said’ there is so much more that is never verbalised.’ People have a controlled outer expression, emotional inner voice and a deep innate knowing of something more.

Many have tried to explain this well of comfort, knowledge and illumination for millennia in many different languages. Various names have been given for this mystical empowerment, though accessing this place of clarity is of more importance. The only way to enter this realm is to lift your sword and cut away the stagnant, ignorant, self-centred parts of being. What remains’ is the pure soulful origins of spirit, a foundation to build upon while you explore the deeper side of your personality, beliefs and existence.

This journey can be difficult; decades of automatic beliefs that were never questioned will fall. Things you were taught, many of them half-truths or lies crumble by the piercing light of awareness. The meaning of life is forefront and life is altered in profound moments. Then calmness enters and the senses are awake. Meditation feels like a welcome home as clarity rings in pristine tones. Contemplation of newfound knowledge is equally important.

Intuitive people sense that there is more to living than the obvious. Feel the hidden majesty of life and the connective pathways that empower life’s divine experiences! Being able to clearly see and make changes where necessary gives a clear and positive advantage for happy living. Be the deeply emotional person and make no apologies for that! Enjoy the experiences that link you to something more, even if it’s hard to explain. Euphoric daily experiences are what make life so intriguing.

Sharon D Bush
Writer   Historian   Artisan   Sage     

Instagram: @THESAGE00 or  @SACRED_LIVING
Pinterest: Sacred Living
Book: The Scrolls of Wisdom, philosophical/spiritual self-help book finished (on the final edit – looking for publishers).  


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