Uncertainty in a Global Pandemic, No.65


Lurking, replicating, spreading; that is the insidious power of a global pandemic. At first its only rumours, then verification, that is when fear settles in the hearts of all nations. Measures put in place only have meagre defences for countries unprepared. Large cities and small villages cannot escape while travel and movement are part of daily life. Isolation is crucial to limiting any virus or influenza epidemic though some feel untouchable and continue to mix within society. Education, science and hygiene puts the modern world is a far better place than those of the ancient history or the middle ages, yet disease can still flourish. Ignorance, wether purposeful or oblivious, is the main conduit for disease.

The ancestors were aware they needed to isolate to some degree or they were locked in their houses by officials. A red or black cross was painted on the doors of the sick as a warning and to ‘pray for mercy.’ Horrendous diseases like Bubonic Plague meant people would try to get away from clusters and spread it further as they escaped cities. There was little help for these people by government; Doctors, Nurses, Priests and Nuns did what they could in makeshift beds in churches, though it would never be enough. The many died in their houses and were buried in mass graves. Some people had natural immunity; others lived in isolated locations and a small percentage survived the scourge. The Black Death as it was commonly called travel along Asian trade routes to Europe and Mediterranean countries.

Historic diseases were thought to be punishments from the gods or God, though modern science has different ways to explain pandemics. Nearly every contagious disease comes from cross contamination between animals and humans. Close contact within the wildlife trade and farmed animals has wrought horrors to human populations for centuries and while some countries have adopted practices to stop infections other counties go unchecked. As humanity morally evolves eating meat has waned in many countries. Unfortunately in low socio-economic countries animal agriculture has expanded for its high profit and employment. For every creature, river and forest to survive – human habits have to change! Valuing animal and human lives should be an innate part of the human condition, but a loss of connection to nature, means the abuse continues. Reconnection to animal and plant life must be taught in every school so future generations make informed decisions. The forms of selfish blindness that permeate society must end.

The worldwide pandemic is an object of emotional fear and uncertainty that few can truly imagine in educated communities. We can no longer take the world and our lives for granted. Authorities must be ready for these life altering viruses and halt there progress at the first instant. Health must be put before economy in these crucial situations. Disease brings uncertainty to the world, routines are altered and people are changed forever. Life has no guarantees, though putting safety first is important for a healthy existence and future. The lessons of the past must be learned, complacency is not an option.

Sharon D Bush
Writer   Historian   Artisan   Sage     

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