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Uncertainty in a Global Pandemic, No.65

  Lurking, replicating, spreading; that is the insidious power of a global pandemic. At first its only rumours, then verification, that is when fear settles in the hearts of all nations. Measures put in place only have meagre defences for countries unprepared. Large cities and small villages cannot escape while travel and movement are part of daily life. Isolation is crucial to limiting any virus or influenza epidemic though some feel untouchable and continue to mix within society. Education, science and hygiene puts the modern world is a far better place than those of the ancient history or the middle ages, yet disease can still flourish. Ignorance, wether purposeful or oblivious, is the main conduit for disease. The ancestors were aware they needed to isolate to some degree or they were locked in their houses by officials. A red or black cross was painted on the doors of the sick as a warning and to ‘pray for mercy.’ Horrendous diseases like Bubonic Plague meant people woul