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Mind Faster than Words

   The mind is a virtuoso of swift connections zipping in and around the brain.     This genius governs communication and action in the body. The mind is a central computer sending constant messages out, so we can function quickly and achieve our goals. In an instant the mind conjures images of far off lands, memories and scenarios that may or may not eventuate. The speed of the mind is baffling considering the words we sometime have trouble expressing. Couple this with societal etiquette and the need to talk at a speed everyone can understand, and our words and expression can be slightly fragmented. If you are a quiet or shy person it might be even harder to speak in a clear manner. Could it be that the connection between the mind and words is still developing? We can all get a bit tongue tied at times or have so much going on in our heads that we don’t know what point to make next, or get totally distracted with the sounds and visions of daily life. Vocal expression is easy