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Stepping Back to View Our Place on Earth

    We are an evolving people with a soul-mind capacity that stretches way beyond our physical body. In our visions of creativity we have no limits. Our daydreams are full of wonderful uplifting beauty that brings endless possibilities. The fear in us restricts, subdues and ridicules our fluid energetic concepts, reducing them to fantasies we all must grow out of. Along with that we have created systems of living where failure to conform to the typical way of life can have you living on the streets. As we move into a robotic age it is said that creativity will be most highly valued, because most manual occupations will no longer be viable employment. This will move humanity back into a creative emotional compassionate space that is in keeping with our true nature. This will force us to step back and view our place on Earth. Humanity is a species that is shrouded in a mist that prevents clear vision; there are glimpses but never enough real effort on humanity’s part to see clea