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The Bonds of Shared Experience

  The shared experience is something that connects people in a subliminal way. Depending on the situation, a meeting that takes less than an hour could connect you indefinitely. You could be friends, strangers or mild acquaintances, but now you are forever linked and have a special understanding of the time in question. This may have been a planned occasion or some unseen force that delivered a special synchronicity, either way the bonds of the shared experience are strong.   If you asked someone what their strangest meeting of a friend was, you will find some interesting answers. Though many are bonded through their education or workplace, others meet at festivals, expos, sporting events, gymnasiums, museums, classes, nightclubs, cafes, tourist attractions, in ques, at funerals, by photocopy machines at libraries and so on. The timing is right and you have information, empathy and wisdom to share, but there is even more than that! You feel as if you already know this person, t