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Humanities Failure to See Itself, No. 62

Human beings are different from other animals in their heightened levels of creativity and destruction. People can invent, construct and use their natural surroundings for their own purposes. A single person can take their vision from insight to creation and sell it to the world in the form of a commodity. Yet our purpose as a species is often shrouded by the systems of living that we have built. Our daily lives are routine based, but our natural traits often rebel against that. We need to be free to a certain extent, but that is not what we have created. Our living system is to work, get paid and afford the things we need, but satisfaction is never enough, we desire so much more. Unfortunately humanities failure to see itself has become destructive. People are capable of good things, but recognising good from bad is getting lost in century’s old routine propaganda. Will greed and arrogance cause the deterioration of life on Earth? Are we really capable of getting along? The f