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Unethical Self-Focused Discrimination, No. 68

People have done horrendous acts to each other according to a hierarchy based on culture, religion and skin colour. The shame of this is measured in the archives, but so much of it is hidden and the rest will never be known. Massacrers, slavery, torture, rape, hangings and mutilations present a sad picture of civilisation. Humanity will never fully flourish while thoughts of superiority simmer in stubborn minds. Cultures have always valued kings, queens, leaders and warriors; that system of noble to pauper is imbedded in collective story telling. Ethical leadership is needed, but corruption and discrimination shows a systemic weakness within. Favouring one people above all others has never ended well. Making fun of people because they look different or don’t hold the same beliefs as you is no reason to project personal hatred. Minorities groups are quickly branded in derogatory terms because they search for more – an improvement in circumstances. The foundation of modern racis