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Observations of Life on Earth

  We come from the country, desert, forest, coast, mountains and frozen lands. We live in towns, cities, rural communities and remote homesteads. We are humanity and we have given ourselves the governorship of this magnificent planet. If you could step back and observe this planet with honesty and compassion, what would you see? Could you spend thirty minutes on this exploration, either in contemplation, observation or meditation? Could you record the vision before you so future generations could absorb your discoveries? It is time to see the totality of our grand and magnificent planet, with all its hardships, inequality, imbalance and unsound political systems and extreme beliefs. This is the age of emergence – where we see the distorted and misguided egotistical commentaries with sharp clarity. Those who can recognise the signs of disharmony can stride forth and shatter the mirage. Those that come next can inform the masses. Then reconstruction can emerge in a way that benef