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Women’s Rights via Revolution, No 71

  The breadcrumbs of misogyny are easily seen in a history of women’s suffering and denial of rights. Patriarchal religious societies that purposely put men first for at least two thousand years are now witnessing its noxious failure. Corrupt governments that are self-focused are quickly measured by angry public sentiment. Governments without gender balance have become dens of mistrust. Lack of respect towards women in male dominated workplaces can be uncomfortable or become dangerous. Systemic sexism developed slowly; its design seeping toxically through millennia and distorting daily life. Parent’s desires to have boys, because they could work and support their parents in retirement and carry on the family name, only added to social attitudes towards girls and women. Words and language used to restrict or belittle females flourished in older writings where they were often portrayed in extremes for their value as virgin brides, harlots, mothers or Saints. Women’s education was oft