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The Pleasures of Predictabilty

 Aren't they wonderful, those elements of life that we hope will always be there. That we could just walk in the door and everything is as we left it. Life is not predictable, it is fluid and changing and sometimes erases the things we thought would always be there. So today I'm suggesting that you take joy in the things you most take for granted. Those small things like the a cup of tea in your own backyard, or the sun glinting off your child's hair, the wind picking up as the seasons change, the place where you like to sit in the evening or the unique personalities that speak with passion regarding their favourite subjects.  The predictable makes us feel warm, safe and wanted, a blessing to all. Though we all need a change from time to time, it's good to know that you have people or places you can rely on when life is troublesome. Remember that you are probably a predictable pleasure for others and that is a definite indictment of the love and comfort you have