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The Rise of Humane Humanity, No. 59

    Shifts of consciousness have always been part of the human condition along with dark dispirited eras. When something heavy sits over the populous some people feel compelled to express what they are feeling, even though that can lead to risky situations. Those feeling trapped by societies that need to evolve often ban together to free themselves of a bleak mindset. As hope finds its way to the light activism surges and doubles its manifestation. Could we be witnessing the rise of Humane Humanity? Rising up for what you believe in can have uplifting or dire consequences depending on your moral beliefs. No one should go blindly into any cause without doing their own research. If your beliefs cause you to, endanger the future of any living creature, take the   life of any living creature, destroy the health of any living creature, pollute the habitat of any living creature, oppress the life of any living creature, is it worth joining? If however, you ch