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Is DNA Heritage the Answer to Humanities Core Problems with Ethnicity?

Humanity is a grand experiment! What happens when millions of species of plants, animals, birds, fish, insects and reptiles live on one planet and the space slowly becomes smaller? One rises to take control out of fear, protection and survival. Humanity (Homo sapiens) is that species, false as that security is. The fragile human form born with few  defenses  created additional implements of protection against fierce animals with superior instincts.  Scientifically we have been divided into three groups and from there another 30 subgroups. The beliefs of these migrating groups along with cross-cultural development generated further distinctions. Naturally people are proud of their heritage, but sometimes this gives rise to the superiority that causes ignorant clashes of opinion. Education, practical awareness and travel are the best cure for thoughts of supremacy. Not much is hidden from anyone these days; everyone can search the internet, go to a library or research the archiv

How do we Judge the Value of Life

The measure of a good life is in your love and active participation of it! Age may bring the traditions of our cultural ideals, but sometimes you have to step beyond these to create the life you desire. Historically the ages have bought distressing times for the people on our planet, many of these created by unbalanced individuals who had risen to power by deceptive means. Yet still, the souls of the people rose up and fought for existence and the chance of something more. They did this because they could see glimpses of the true purpose of living and hoped to raise a family as nature intended for all living creatures. That said, living a purposeful life isn’t based on how many children you do or do not have, we all still have our individual quests and joyous challenges to unearth and pursue.   To meet the expectations of these often lifelong journeys we must be brave, bold and wise. Discovering what is valuable to you means you need to think about it, if you are always in a h