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The Euphoria of Completion

  All things begin and spark with enthusiasm, but only profound ideas backed by faith and dedication reach completion. The completion of any major project has had years of creative input, tactician like planning, full-scale activation, effortless labouring, frustrating challenges, artistic refinement , persuasive marketing and the finished product can stand alone. It is often a lifetime achievement, though some may have had two or three major accomplishments over the years. Not all ideas will reach completion if the underlying contention is weak. Completion requires a firm foundation, a balanced structure and true belief in the theory at hand. No half-hearted idea will reach fruition – it takes the eccentric secretive genius within to reach the ecstasy of completion. The core components of any great achievement are belief and dedication; any project will wither without these supports. Only those who have battled with the sword of love and wisdom will know exultation.   Ce