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Close to Home: Examining the Passion of Urgency, No. 56

The news radiates from all devices, like a siren of death, tragedy and occasional joy. Billboards, buses, taxis and public places are saturated with world news, state broadcasts or incidences close to home. The roaring machine never stops; sleep patterns are disrupted as the minds tick over. Sound, colour, emotion and partial truth have tentacles that drag the uplifted to desolate places. Ignorance is the preferred place of many because the sensitive cannot bear to live in a world where they are transfixed by fear. Lives are suddenly interrupted whether we choose ignorance or not when front page news becomes personal. The news is full of other people’s problems, but when those situations involve family members, friends or co-workers a passion of urgency arises. The desire to help is strong; the individual wants to relieve the stress, though it stays heightened anyway. There will always be some situations that no one could have foreseen. One can only sit in the circumstances a

Unhooking the Desire for Perfection, No. 55

The human mind is littered with ideals of perfection. People push themselves beyond their limits to reach targets that they think are obtainable. Some believe this is expected of them and others have such a driving determination that their goal completely takes over life. Aiming high is a human trait that can get obsessive, but does perfection lead to delay and wasted opportunities? Can perfection miss the mark and create conditions that are not ideal at all? Perfection is the act of improving something until it is faultless, though everyone has a different idea of what that means to them. Can the great works of humanity be considered perfect, since seemingly untouchable inventions are always being improved on by others over the centuries? Are individuals trying to reach an end stage of a completion that may never arrive? At some point the time wasting has to stop and satisfaction achieved. Obsessions can be dangerous, destructive and detrimental to family relationships. The

Will Population Limitation be the Standard of Humanities Future, No. 54

Population growth is one of humanities biggest problems, but few want to talk about it! With 7.6 Billion people on earth in 2018 it is something that should be a major topic when world governments meet and probably is. This is becoming an important conversation as food, water, housing and millions of refugees from war decimated countries flee from unbalanced leadership. Parents who planned to have two or three children in the current era are not to blame; unchecked fertility enforced by religion, culture and primitive governments are the true dictators of misery! Humanity has destructive footprints on the planet; the balance has been turned in favour of people, at the cost of animals, fish, birds, reptiles, insects, land, sea, sky and water. Human beings know how to take without consequence, but that time is over! This is a new global quickening where the chemical onslaught is lessened, give and take are balanced, two thousand year old manuscripts no long govern fertility, une

Nurturing Female Rule, No. 53

Should mothers rule Earth? Would wise, nurturing, intelligent, multi-tasking diplomats bring peaceful results to inter-country communications? Could less aggressive leadership be the answer to the world’s problems? The death and assault of civilians in war ravaged countries is unacceptable in times when war should be in decline, something abhorrent to the thoughts of modern humanity. Have world leaders learned from the misery and suffering of previous battles? Why does it take so long to remove unstable aggressive leaders who rule way past there term of office and rig elections. Countries may go to war to protect the innocent, though there are often hidden motives and deals done. It has been said that the preparation for war boosts economies and innovation, but that is a heavy price to pay for so many deaths. Who gets to decide – who lives and who dies? Is male leadership along with egocentric behaviour the spark that ignited most historic and current conflicts? Aggressive to

Mind Barriers - Breaking Point, No. 52

Mind barriers disappear when people have had enough of any given or tiring situation. Suddenly the anger or lethargy is replaced by a glorious freedom that empowers. Anything can be achieved in these moments of high potential. Enough mental harassment and most people will stand up and defend themselves – diplomacy can only go so far when emotions are high and the balance is one-sided. All human beings are highly emotional unless it is trained out of them in severe circumstances; such as harsh governmental regimes, strict cultural norms and radicalised cults. No one needs this heaviness of mind; it is not a natural state to be in. When the innocent get pushed too far, the breaking point follows and action is the almost unconscious answer. That driving force of defence and empowerment flows with the strength of a river current. There is no way back, forward is the only direction, win or lose. Calmness is the optimal state to be in, why live life any other way? Productivity