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Why Travel is an Integral Part of Genetic Inheritance

People have been nomadic for reasons of survival since the earliest tribal groupings. This was highly dependent on food, especially the seasons; early inhabitants where well aware when it was time to move on and gather the next natural harvest. The migration trail is full of ancestors who moved because nature had sudden unforgiving shifts which forced people onward. Archaeologists have discovered hundreds of abandoned villages, towns and cities where rivers suddenly changed direction leaving desert environments. Volcanoes are responsible for covering whole cities or leaving them at the bottom of the oceans. Ice ages forced millions to head for warmer climates and the last one was only twenty thousand years ago. When the ice melted land bridges disappeared leaving some people isolated to islands. It’s no wonder people have such a varied genetic heritage. When people feel the urge to travel it goes much deeper than it seems, an undeniably part of our genetic Inheritance. When pe

Does Society Value Older People?

People spend their whole lives learning and experiencing, a literal storehouse of knowledge accumulated in just one being. There are billions of people on Earth all with something to share, but is this being passed on as people get older and does society value older people? The young are quick to think they know it all as they travel to adulthood, but could a bit of advice be helpful along the way? Maybe more people should write personal memoir’s for their own sake and the benefit of present and future generations. No one should pass from this life without leaving some small legacy from their wealth of experience. For millennia there has been shaman, wise woman, philosophers, priests, oracles and mystics in each village, tribe, mob or settlement. As humanity has expanded the size of its towns to towering cities, has sage advice been lost in the rush? Necessity often means employment is away from parents, grandparents and brothers and sisters. This is made harder if couples wh