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Propaganda and the Post Truth World. No. 61

Propaganda is a slow seeping weapon to control populations. Messages and false-truths are circulated in many forms till they become part of culture and everyday reality. Freedom of mind and freedom of speech in many countries should halt the progress of propaganda, but it is far more insidious than that! Words, sounds and images are emotional epics in their display when dark intentions guide them. This doesn’t mean that people can’t recognise this manipulation today; it means propaganda has infiltrated your family and community for centuries. The fight to unveil the truth has begun, while governments continue their steady rhetoric of control.  So, who can be trusted in a post truth world? What information is being sold and can you be convinced of its authenticity? If culture can be influenced and altered with a smooth transition, what really belongs to individuals, families and communities? Surely there are things that stem from inspiration, love and intelligence that belong

Humanity in the Age Climate Change, No.60

Is mass fear the only defence against climate change? Do the vast majority of people only worry about climate change when their houses are flooded, burning or plagued by storms? There is no better time to examine the human thinking process that says, ‘everything will be alright if I do nothing.’ Proceeding from day to day without the full realisation that life is in peril is abhorrent. The human mind is complex; safety mechanisms are playing in the minds of many. Without visual scenes of environmental destruction the message may not get through. Social media blasts footage of lifeless toxic land every few minutes, but nothing compares to seeing it in nature. As the heat rise’s people from low lying countries and Islands are watching their homes sink. Those is hot countries are facing unprecedented fires. Countries with regular storm seasons are breaking new records.   If it isn’t seen in person is it real to the individual? Sleep-walking through an environmental crisis is no l