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Global Citizens

  The world is becoming smaller through advancing technology. Much more of the world is visible thanks to a multi-media landscape that invites us to become global citizens. Some step cautiously and others bound in to capture intriguing new information. Religion, politics and culture have often been the protagonists separating one country from another. Highly ridged beliefs do not allow the freedom to meet people of other cultures without a sense of distrust! We share this magnificent planet but are still working through the differences that divide us. Empathy and awareness are needed to see that most people around the world want the same thing; a place to live in safety, food on the table, the love of a family, a purpose to their life and a healthy future. Access to information has been limited over the centuries, of course there have been libraries for numerous centuries, but many could not read or did not have access. Now there is up to the minute updates from around the worl