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The Creative Mastery Within

Creativity is one of humanities natural states if all is well and the body is healthy. Intricate designs and wondrous inventions are prevalent in our recorded history and way beyond that. The remains of ancient civilisations testify to the remarkable ideas that people were and still are capable of. Creative insights are of lightening speed – as if from neon rivers of energetic energy flowing in and around us. Illuminations that spring to mind can be mild to passionate and only the course of a few days will offer its true value. If it still holds its power you must decide whether to pursue it now on an unrelenting quest or save if for later which might mean its demise.

Creative insights involve a place, time and date that pushes to the surface on the day you are ready to receive the information. It could have happened two years ago but it didn’t, or maybe it did but you ignored it! Life is fast, but if you don’t slow down and read the signs you’ve written yourself, trouble will arise! …

The Gift of Life on Earth

If you sit and view the plants, trees, rivers, beaches, countryside, animals and people you are witnessing the ultimate grandeur of life on Planet Earth. You have been born into the perfect timing of this world – one in which you can sometimes pursue your ultimate goal, if you have progressed beyond basic survival. If you look into the night sky or have some knowledge of the solar system you will know that the surrounding planets have either died or may still be developing, but there is nothing like the life and growth that Earth gives in abundance every day.
If you walk or drive in a busy street with traffic making its hectic bustle and you have places to be and things to do – imagine what everything in your world is placed on and what your town looked life before the buildings. Earth is a planet suspended in space by the ebb and flow of other planets and the majesty of the Sun and Moon. Our planet itself is a mass of slowly shifting lands, oceans and volcanic activity that releases t…

Do we Need Success in the Public Arena or Just Personal Satisfaction?


We live in a world culture that places winning, success and fame high on the list of what is important. A lot of this is drummed into our heads in early childhood and high school/college, but after this you have to separate what you believe from what has been encoded. Life is not a competition, it may have a competitive edge from time to time, but if you live in a state of winning – that you have to be the best you will have short lived highs and long depressive lows (especially if you don’t value the journey).

The age of social media brings even more pressure for those with a need to impress. This can be quite a dangerous parcel for adolescences that are developing a sense of self, but get side-tracked with who they think they should be instead of who they really are. It takes courage to proudly show the real you and strive for personal satisfaction instead of fame. Do you really have something to prove to others?
Finding personal satisfaction in something you enjoy doing is real su…

The Magical Quality That Defines You!

That unique sparkle that emanates from happy people is a shimmering delight. It lets you into their world for a fleeting second even if they are little more than strangers. They might use a few words or just eye contact and a heartfelt gesture, but you know what they mean because of the positive emotions that flow. They say a simple smile can release millions of endorphins that make you feel wonderful, so keep that up (unless it’s some kind of taboo in your culture)! We are all unique, we all have something to say and we all have that magical quality that defines the glowing spirit within. So don’t be too quiet or know one will see your charming qualities and uplifting talents. It is amazing just how many emotions we express with our facial muscles alone – so lift your beautiful face to others and give them a hint of who you are. When you don’t smile and react in the normal way people can read these emotional changes quite easily, especially if they know you well (well unless they are…

Creating Sacred Space

Having a special place to communicate with the private spiritual you is often a necessity in our demanding lives. Most people take very little time to listen to their own thoughts which in the long run can develop a sense of confusion, loss of purpose or direction. Those who have created an area of sacred space inside the home, or garden can gain clarity and recharge their energy when it is needed. Such a space is used for reflection and meditation, but it must be quiet – so enter your space when you have the house to yourself (the babies are asleep, the children are at school). Find a time that suits your lifestyle (early morning, day or night) and try to do this once or twice a week for 30 minutes. Look for a space in your home that feels right for you; maybe it has filtered light that lets the sun in, or a garden just outside a window that brings in the smell of herbs or flowers. If your sacred space is in a lounge room in a comfortable chair you won’t be the only one (a popular ch…

Will Modernity Spell the Demise of Religion in the Future?

The wane of religions establishments in the West is clearly evident.  Many are outgrowing religions than cannot keep up with modern living, changing ideologies, technology, science, spirituality and less free time. In the East where the grip of religion is firmly entrenched in culture, politics and everyday life religion is thriving, but not by choice, by birth (the family you were born into). The rhetoric that binds people to religion is falling away – the dark places these organisations created to keep attendance high over the centuries have lost their power over a free thinking populous. Modernity means education and education means thinking for yourself and dispelling anything unreasonable, uncomfortable or stagnant.
What draws people to religion is familiar faces, ceremony, routine, fear, safety and helping the community, but spiritual satisfaction seems harder to find – it appears that many are just going through the motions and people are not quite sure how they fit into the r…

The Divine Equality of Modern Feminism

All are equal in the eyes of the Goddess or God. No divine presence has ever lessened the status of women. The ancient written word is subject to the culture of patriarchal societies that could not or did not want to let women fully participate in their religion. The cultural beliefs of men in positions of religious or political power left most women bereft of education(for more than 2000 years), the  one thing that could have given them equality a lot sooner than the 20th or 21st century. That said – women still found an even greater way to communicate with the God of their family or state religion; by feeling, praying, loving, sensing, listening, teaching, receiving spiritual guidance, caring for community and using their own unique ritual practices away from prying eyes. Those that were born in pagan times where Goddesses held precedence over life, love and harvest knew a freer world of respect and reverence. These nature Goddess’s reflected the life giving nature of women as mother…

What does it mean to be spiritual?

What does it mean to be spiritual? Spirituality can be defined as feelings of well-being, divine emotions, emanating love and acts of kindness towards others and the natural world – a sense of oneness with all. Though this may or may not include religion. Many of us have some foundation in religion and therefore have some sense of ritual, reverence and sacred presence of something more.

Spirituality is something that comes from within and is all around. You can feel it if you slow down and soak it in. Many tribal people can feel the presence of their homeland terrain and the aura of spirits that protection and dwell within the land. But we are all have our tribes, especially in our family, friends, cultural heritage and spiritual groups. Many are living a life based in the spiritual, while others hold tight to their beliefs in a world of personal turmoil, some say they are not religious or spiritual but their nature of caring and goodness speaks of the illuminated soul within. Open yo…

The Pleasures of Predictabilty

 Aren't they wonderful, those elements of life that we hope will always be there. That we could just walk in the door and everything is as we left it. Life is not predictable, it is fluid and changing and sometimes erases the things we thought would always be there. So today I'm suggesting that you take joy in the things you most take for granted. Those small things like the a cup of tea in your own backyard, or the sun glinting off your child's hair, the wind picking up as the seasons change, the place where you like to sit in the evening or the unique personalities that speak with passion regarding their favourite subjects. 
The predictable makes us feel warm, safe and wanted, a blessing to all. Though we all need a change from time to time, it's good to know that you have people or places you can rely on when life is troublesome. Remember that you are probably a predictable pleasure for others and that is a definite indictment of the love and comfort you have shown!