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A community built on years of trust and growth is a superior place to live. Without a safe environment little can be achieved. Nations with the lowest levels of crime are inundated with applications of immigration. Freedom and safety are natural desires, without them a harsh existence awaits. Since the World Wide Web we can see each other a little clearer; we can’t always fathom each other’s emotions, though we know which countries have a strong sense of community. Being able to walk down the street and say hello to neighbours or even strangers without fear of ulterior motives is still a common part of daily life in many countries. The joy of these simple pleasures shows humanity and community spirit in its best light. When people help each other in the face of adversity, they are genuinely putting others before their own needs – this care gets to the heart of what it means to belong, to be part of something. We can never underestimate the levels of human kindness and understanding with…

End Point

So much of our time is embedded in an often simple desire or result. It is the same the world over – people work hard to get to a stage where they can literary buy more time at ease or leisure with family and friends. Years of work, struggle and hard savings are invested in getting to an end point were the simple joys can be appreciated.

A work or career path is often crucial to obtaining the essentials or any luxuries. Though the financial tasks many set themselves may actually cripple a great part of their lives until much later in life. The lure of status infects many as they strive for something better – but if it is all about show, the true cost must be reassessed. Comparisons are a waste of time. An honest limit of what you can truly afford is essential for a happy life. If house, car, business and credit card payments are creating untold stress – downsize these things so you can restart the adventure of living. If you were working towards your true quest and you suddenly won the…

Core Purity

Throughout life we carry within us a natural state of core purity – a sense of pristine clarity and stillness that is ethical and compassionate. In purpose this pureness guides us like an internal compass that triggers questions, especially when an imbalance or unexpected event arises. Though this virtue is a natural presence, noticing it and taking joy from it will empower you, your purpose and the direction you pursue. Purity is yours in daily life; it gives a sense of understanding and calmness as it filters through the body, mind and soul like the sunlight dancing on the green leaves of spring.

The purity of many is a profound revolution! However, living a falseness is damaging to the innate purity of which we are born! Being less than honest with yourself weakens your core purity. Feel the difference between right and wrong. Speak the gentle and honest truth. There has to be balance; you can’t conceal the problems of others (they must face this on their own), you can’t help everyo…

The New Bohemian Age

The signs of a bohemian surge are prominent! Creativity is reawakened in a wide-ranging freedom to express the core of each profound signature. The freethinking heart is willing to follow its desires with very little pressure from outside influences. Though we tend to think of the struggling artists of the last few centuries as bohemians, this new emergence offers well paid creative careers for the gifted! This increasing precedent spans the fields of art, architecture, philosophy, poetry, sculpture, music, photography, writing, fashion, films performance art, interior/exterior design, technology, engineering, and the inspiring computer programing that allows everyone the chance to offer their artist talents to the greater world.
This suggests that upcoming artists can initially work to support daily life and use their spare time to enhance their creative works and evolving ideas. If public recognition occurs they may be able to immerse themselves in their ideal lifestyle on a more per…

On the Edge of Understanding

As a people we want life to be less of a struggle so we can live a fulfilling experience of fun, love and understanding. Yet it is understanding that people most often struggle with! First we must strive to knows ourselves and then we endeavour to understand others, though we are partially blinded by our experiences, personal environment and beliefs so far. Further than this is understanding our greater world at large; its beliefs as a whole, its religious, cultural, and political outlooks – not to mention our wondrous planet with its ebb and flow shinning in suspended space.
Deciding how much of this to explore is a choice that could lead you on to greater questions or limit your view of this profound existence. There is a great deal to think about regarding our very presence; how humanity came to be here, why we are quite different in our mental and creative output compared to other animals (though physically we are not so far removed). In ancient times people felt that their very li…

The Altering Effects of Under and Over Exposure

What we are exposed to as children or adults has a vast impact on our future, especially on our beliefs and outlook. Children have limited power over what they are exposed to; daily life can offer green grass, creativity, play and laughter, but it can also offer great tragedy, fear and the unexpected. The minds pristine capacity slowly begins to fill with all that it has seen – hopefully the wisdom of joyous life experiences prevails over minor setbacks. Parents have the guiding power to limit what a child or pre-teen may be exposed to on television, computers, books and life in general. Strange how we gently ease our children into what we think is a shocking world. Caring parents give their children bite size pieces of information that is age appropriate. Parents know there are dangers for every child and try to bring them to adulthood with strength, wisdom and minimal over-exposure. The timing of exposure to new concepts may have its effects on young lives, but this is often a matte…

Prime Focusing Point

We may not always notice a concentrated focusing of our thoughts in one or two areas of life. There is a lot of surface babble going on in the mind and deeper thoughts that need closer attention. Looking carefully at this you can see patterns quickly emerge. Things that you believe, subjects that challenge you, thoughts about others, the darker and lighter sides of your personality and fears that you keep hidden are all in the mix of your minds daily journeys. Our thoughts are made up of memories – all that we have seen, done, experienced, invented, judged and imagined. Somewhere is this chatter are a few focusing points that get all the attention!
You will notice your minds prime focusing points in moments when you are quiet, doing repetitive tasks or when you are waiting. It may be just five minutes, but our vast intelligence is busy creating numerous scenarios where victory, love, revenge and adventure are playing out. Most of the time this has a minor impact on life or you totally …

The Upheaval of Swift Unexpected Change

No one is prepared for the shock or heartache when the moment arrives. The wave of disbelief is felt throughout the entire body which quickly sends out messages of fear. Looking for the good side meets with uncertainty in the early days because you don’t have the strength to cope with problem solving. Breathing is slow and trance-like as you stare into an abyss of fog. All planning and routine have fallen as you are stuck in a place you haven’t been before. You know there is a way round these feelings, but there is no hurry to achieve. The emotional experience must be fulfilled in order for healing and growth to emerge.

Swift change is a shocking and life changing event! Whether it is a death, a lucky escape, a job loss, a serious injury, an altered relationship, financial distress, or a natural disaster, it’s new territory that brings a great sense of loss. Initially it’s a flight or fight response, but responsibility brings you back to the decision making that has to take place. Life…