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The Creative Mastery Within

Creativity is one of humanities natural states if all is well and the body is healthy. Intricate designs and wondrous inventions are prevalent in our recorded history and way beyond that. The remains of ancient civilisations testify to the remarkable ideas that people were and still are capable of. Creative insights are of lightening speed – as if from neon rivers of energetic energy flowing in and around us. Illuminations that spring to mind can be mild to passionate and only the course of a few days will offer its true value. If it still holds its power you must decide whether to pursue it now on an unrelenting quest or save if for later which might mean its demise. Creative insights involve a place, time and date that pushes to the surface on the day you are ready to receive the information. It could have happened two years ago but it didn’t, or maybe it did but you ignored it! Life is fast, but if you don’t slow down and read the signs you’ve written yourself, trouble wil