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Mind Barriers - Breaking Point, No. 52

Mind barriers disappear when people have had enough of any given or tiring situation. Suddenly the anger or lethargy is replaced by a glorious freedom that empowers. Anything can be achieved in these moments of high potential. Enough mental harassment and most people will stand up and defend themselves – diplomacy can only go so far when emotions are high and the balance is one-sided. All human beings are highly emotional unless it is trained out of them in severe circumstances; such as harsh governmental regimes, strict cultural norms and radicalised cults. No one needs this heaviness of mind; it is not a natural state to be in. When the innocent get pushed too far, the breaking point follows and action is the almost unconscious answer. That driving force of defence and empowerment flows with the strength of a river current. There is no way back, forward is the only direction, win or lose. Calmness is the optimal state to be in, why live life any other way? Productivity