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Will Population Limitation be the Standard of Humanities Future, No. 54

Population growth is one of humanities biggest problems, but few want to talk about it! With 7.6 Billion people on earth in 2018 it is something that should be a major topic when world governments meet and probably is. This is becoming an important conversation as food, water, housing and millions of refugees from war decimated countries flee from unbalanced leadership. Parents who planned to have two or three children in the current era are not to blame; unchecked fertility enforced by religion, culture and primitive governments are the true dictators of misery! Humanity has destructive footprints on the planet; the balance has been turned in favour of people, at the cost of animals, fish, birds, reptiles, insects, land, sea, sky and water. Human beings know how to take without consequence, but that time is over! This is a new global quickening where the chemical onslaught is lessened, give and take are balanced, two thousand year old manuscripts no long govern fertility, une