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Sensitive or Indifferent: Is humanity dividing into distinct social types? No. 58

  Change appears suddenly like an unexpected flower that arrives in your garden as natures wills it. Events that adjust world views can be challenging as some find a fixed unwavering life preferable. Life is a journey and humanity is evolving; its direction and future stability depends on clarity, understanding and empathy. Does humanity as a whole have the intelligence to see the devastating wrongs driven by greed and does this vision cause a clash of opinions. Is humanity dividing into distinct social types; sensitive and indifferent? As intelligent beings a desperate undercurrent for more has been the instigator for cruel unethical inventions and behaviours. Domination has been the aim for millennia. Continued supremacy over Earth, its people, animals, land, oceans, sky and space will result in a wasteland. Are our moral codes acceptable; could revolution amend old ways of thinking in order to evolve our emotional intelligence?   Constant harm has become normal, always tak