Sensitive or Indifferent: Is humanity dividing into distinct social types? No. 58


Change appears suddenly like an unexpected flower that arrives in your garden as natures wills it. Events that adjust world views can be challenging as some find a fixed unwavering life preferable. Life is a journey and humanity is evolving; its direction and future stability depends on clarity, understanding and empathy. Does humanity as a whole have the intelligence to see the devastating wrongs driven by greed and does this vision cause a clash of opinions. Is humanity dividing into distinct social types; sensitive and indifferent?

As intelligent beings a desperate undercurrent for more has been the instigator for cruel unethical inventions and behaviours. Domination has been the aim for millennia. Continued supremacy over Earth, its people, animals, land, oceans, sky and space will result in a wasteland. Are our moral codes acceptable; could revolution amend old ways of thinking in order to evolve our emotional intelligence?  Constant harm has become normal, always taking without consequences cannot continue without civil uprisings.

We can make decisions to harm, to care or ignore! Many hearts and minds have been activated in the quest to save our planet. Division into sensitive or indifferent is yet another chance to become informed before making choices that are not aligned with the healthy continuity of Earth. If people cannot see beyond their own existence, if they cannot see the world in a holistic way, the sensitive are our only hope. It is harder for some than others to realise their current way of life could be gone in future tomorrows. Forthcoming generations left without a chance to see the pristine magnificence of this living planet.  

We have not found life on other planets, yet many fail to see how important their chance of life on Earth is. Instead we have hate, greed, deception, jealousy and ignorance that are counteracted with love, sharing, loyalty, empathy, and awareness. What are we teaching our children, what are they learning from what they see in the world and on their screens? What makes adults pass on out-dated moral beliefs? Children’s crusades for environment and animal protection have already begun. Families and friends march together in the streets to get their voices heard. Unethical employment will end as sensitive individuals find it an intolerable burden. People hold governments accountable for wrong actions; they can stop a city if they want to.

To repair the damages every person needs to decide what is best for the co-habitation of the planet.  Human made genetic alterations of plants, animals and people is an abhorrent act of revenue. Putting a price on every living thing is monstrous. Finding yet another sentient creature to torture and kill to satisfy the tastebuds is not humane. When we realise that our bodies are suited to consume fruits and vegetables change will quicken. Our existence depends on natural food sources that can grow with our numbers. Imbalance between human over-population and animal extinction is testimony to the poor choices that have been made. Transparency and empathy are seeds of this rebellion. Take a look around you and carefully consider what there is to lose. Revolution for Evolution!

Sharon D Bush
Writer   Historian   Artisan   Sage     

Instagram: @THESAGE00 or  @SACRED_LIVING
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Book: The Scrolls of Wisdom, philosophical/spiritual self-help book finished (on the final edit – looking for publishers).


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