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Why States of Continuous Positivity are Unnatural

Being positive all the time is living a false existence. Emotions ebb and flow, they change according to situations, experiences and moods. Few days on planet earth are predictable, the natural world has its hostile elements; volcano’s vent, rain floods, fires rage, drought consumes and storms destroy. Harsh and unpredictable states are true for people as well, making some conversations difficult if equal consideration is not afforded. Being positive is something to aim for, but if life seems unkind do not put on a happy face to please others. Emotionally intelligent people will soon figure out that the face doesn’t match outgoing words. It takes time to re-emerge after bad experiences, major life changes and weeks of confusion. The smile will come back with a little effort. This is when words of kindness and empathy can be useful. With so many affirmations on social media, t-shirts, bags, stickers and signs, many feel they should be positive all the time. States of contin