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Passing on Skills and Traditions

 In a world that is increasingly busy, are unique skills being passed from one generation to another? Making an effort to teach your children, grandchildren, or apprentices the special skills that you have acquired is vital! We all have good intentions of doing just that, but there is always something else that needs to be done. Sometimes it is necessary to pick a date on the calendar and dedicate a few hours of sharing and then a few follow ups. If you have dedicated your life to some special skill or knowledge pass it on! It seems that some languages, the skills of the artisans and even good communication are being diminished. Embracing technology can save, enhance and offer irreplaceable skills to others, especially if you have no apprentice. Remember that patience’s is a pre-requisite when teaching others! What seems easy to you may be frustrating to a leaner. Everyone learns differently and each generation experiences a different view of normality. Adjust your training as