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Abundance through Planning in a New Year

  Since the calendar was invented time is marked into days, weeks and years. During this time in order to be productive and provide the basics for everyday living planning is needed. Humanity knows how to work to sustain life, though working in a field that brings a sense of joy and accomplishment is preferred. Abundance is obtained when a goal orientated yearly plan is in place. To create such a plan, especially at the start of a new year, some quiet time in your own kind of sacred space is needed. Ideas and visions come and go but only the important ones keep knocking until they are heard. Those with intuitive clarity can hear these insights emanating from within – creating direction and purpose. Though eventually everyone hears a message or calling which can be both shocking and exciting, it may run counter to their existing daily life. From here the questions begin. The sooner you know something about your purpose, skills and direction the more abundance you will find.

The Delightful Senses

Without textures, tastes, visions, aromas and resonance life would cease to exist. Humanity is bound together with all these wonderful sensory abilities which are the core ingredients that swell our emotions and help us survive. We reacted instinctively to sensations; something may startle you, taste bad, or hurt your ears. The senses offer insight, which we consider with the heart and mind before making decisions. We mostly take our senses for granted until we are in moments of exquisite joy, like the sounds of a symphony wafting around you, the warmth of sun caressing your body at the beach, or the angelic look of your baby’s face in those first few days.   Pleasing sensations can quickly be joined to memories that remind us of the smells in grandma’s vegetable garden during childhood, the sound of chalk being written across the board in school days, even a documentary or movie can remind us of a wonderful holiday adventure. Since the invention of the camera images can vi