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The Strength to Lead

  At some point in life people discover the true essence of who they are! A calm and satisfying sense of joy comes with this realization. The shadows disperse leaving a sense of purpose and strength to proceed without hindrance. After some dedicated pursuit levels of knowledge and understanding are reached and this may be noticed by others. The student has become the teacher because she/he displays the strength to lead. Leadership is a quality of inner-strength, wisdom and patience that can see you and your charges through difficult or frustrating situations. It means you are willing to stand firm in the face of injustice, but also know when to try different tactics to reach a good conclusion. No one can do this without caring for the wellbeing of others. No one can do this without love. Leadership shows a selfless courage spilling out to get you through hard times.  Lead because you have something to do and places to be. Lead because you are on a quest of mystery in new land