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Abundance through Planning in a New Year

Since the calendar was invented time is marked into days, weeks and years. During this time in order to be productive and provide the basics for everyday living planning is needed. Humanity knows how to work to sustain life, though working in a field that brings a sense of joy and accomplishment is preferred. Abundance is obtained when a goal orientated yearly plan is in place. To create such a plan, especially at the start of a new year, some quiet time in your own kind of sacred space is needed. Ideas and visions come and go but only the important ones keep knocking until they are heard. Those with intuitive clarity can hear these insights emanating from within – creating direction and purpose. Though eventually everyone hears a message or calling which can be both shocking and exciting, it may run counter to their existing daily life. From here the questions begin. The sooner you know something about your purpose, skills and direction the more abundance you will find.
Whether you are…

The Delightful Senses

Without textures, tastes, visions, aromas and resonance life would cease to exist. Humanity is bound together with all these wonderful sensory abilities which are the core ingredients that swell our emotions and help us survive. We reacted instinctively to sensations; something may startle you, taste bad, or hurt your ears. The senses offer insight, which we consider with the heart and mind before making decisions. We mostly take our senses for granted until we are in moments of exquisite joy, like the sounds of a symphony wafting around you, the warmth of sun caressing your body at the beach, or the angelic look of your baby’s face in those first few days. Pleasing sensations can quickly be joined to memories that remind us of the smells in grandma’s vegetable garden during childhood, the sound of chalk being written across the board in school days, even a documentary or movie can remind us of a wonderful holiday adventure. Since the invention of the camera images can visually captur…

Exploring Genetic Inheritance

 It is natural that we inherit some physical features from both parents. We might have the eye colour of our mother, but the stature of our father, but is there a case for our skills or intelligence – that they have been passed on somewhere through the family line? We learn continuously from the day we are born and can be influenced from various sources as we make life’s journey. When we do something or have some skill set that no one else seems to have within the family the questioning begins.
Understanding your genetic inheritance requires some exploring of the family line. You can ask questions of older relatives, start researching your family lineage and make enquires at family reunions. You can search historical records for the professions of your relatives on marriage or death certificates. Of course this doesn’t account for hobbies and other talents when they were often marginalised to keep large families fed in difficult times. Wills, personal letters and greeting cards tucked…

Passing on Skills and Traditions

 In a world that is increasingly busy, are unique skills being passed from one generation to another? Making an effort to teach your children, grandchildren, or apprentices the special skills that you have acquired is vital! We all have good intentions of doing just that, but there is always something else that needs to be done. Sometimes it is necessary to pick a date on the calendar and dedicate a few hours of sharing and then a few follow ups. If you have dedicated your life to some special skill or knowledge pass it on!
It seems that some languages, the skills of the artisans and even good communication are being diminished. Embracing technology can save, enhance and offer irreplaceable skills to others, especially if you have no apprentice. Remember that patience’s is a pre-requisite when teaching others! What seems easy to you may be frustrating to a leaner. Everyone learns differently and each generation experiences a different view of normality. Adjust your training as needed.…

Individuality in a World that Prefers Uniformity

Though people belong to the same species, they are vastly different from each other. Early civilizations set firm rules for their communities in order to gain control and be productive. This carried on through the ages, though some managed to breakthrough conceived boundaries and make mild ripples on traditional conventions. Expressions of individuality certainly have some release in today’s society. In most countries you can speak your beliefs, dye your hair bright colours, or start a political organisation, without losing your job or getting arrested. In countries still centred on communal control, it takes steady and determined personalities to blur the boundaries. We are born with pages yet unwritten, but in the teaching process we are constantly shown the rules. These rules are set out for us so we can be moulded into competent adults that contribute to society. Some guidelines are needed for a community to be an effective, safe and happy place to be. While we need a point of agre…

Humanities Innate Drive to Collect

As a species humanity treads forth with a desire to collect. The purpose of this collecting is to gain or own something. Maybe an individual is an avid collector of fossils, records or antiques, but it goes much further than that! What if a good percentage of your life is governed by a need to gather things? Some part of our make-up is quite scientific, it needs to accumulate, research and store away. Part of this collecting consists of physical objects and the other component belongs to emotion and intellect. Our physical needs lead us to pursue the basics of food, water, shelter and clothing. Well before this, even as children we are on the lookout for special things worth gathering, making or trading. Once we have a house, hut or safe place to commune we seek opportunities, or occasionally they come to us. From here work skills are collected and improved, along with funds that let us gather even more.

The most important things anyone has in their emotional possession are cherished me…

Observation, Interpretation and Judgement

People have a great capacity to observe what is around them. There are so many wonders to view in daily life; both the small and the great inspire us to interpret and judge what we have seen. We are soaking it all in even when we feel it is of little importance. We observe, interpret and judge in our own way depending on the influences, experience and knowledge we have gained so far. Three people viewing the same event, standing right next to each other will have different notions, emotions and judgements about the scene in front of them. Where people are concerned it is important not to judge too quickly! There may be circumstances that you are not aware of when you see someone behaving badly or strangely. Maybe there where events leading up to a display of anger or frustration? If you know the person in question you might think the behaviour is out of character, but when it’s a stranger many are quick to judge in an unfavourable light. Though we love and care for others, it is easy t…


A desire for pilgrimage has been passed down through genetic memory. It is a journey of spiritual discovery, cultural expansion and artistic endeavour that calls you in some way. People have made these holy journeys since ancient times and are still naturally drawn to these spiritual trails today. There is foremost a sense of experiential participation; of gaining knowledge, spiritual depth and an indescribable soul expansion that brings a calming renewal. The walk itself and often overseas travel to arrive there is a purposeful physical test. Your desire to reach your holy destination is a sacred pledge unto yourself. You can almost feel your ancestors and previous travellers walking along with you. Though your legs are weak something moves you onwards, calling for you to push beyond your limits. As an initiate you feel comforted and serene through your body calls for rest. The path leads onwards and step by step you are closer to yourself and your understanding of spirit than you hav…

The Magnificent Earth

The balance of life on Earth is an intricate geological and biological equation. She shifts and adjusts in an effort to keep the natural balance. Her lush green lands, wild blue oceans, deep hidden valleys and open desert plains are a part of this balance. The magnificent Earth is home to many and varied who share the planet, though they cannot fully understand each other. Millions of years of growth and alteration have made all the living creatures what they are today.

For the most part humanity lives in a visual and sensory masterpiece! As our earthly civilization makes its way in a technological age we create unhealthy bi-products that have detrimental effects on the planet. Unfortunately our need for more and more is slowly striping and poisoning our beloved homeland while we are busy doing other things. This must change. Awareness is the key to saving the land beneath our feet.
As the message filter around the globe many organizations are doing what they can against the unnecessary…

The Pointlessness of Comparison

A need for personal comparison is an unhelpful human trait! Comparing yourself, your possessions and a self-imposed status against others is pointless. Each person has a distinct genetic code handed down through their ancestors that makes them look physically different from others – parental guidance, early learning and culture during childhood makes people think differently –after that personal experience shapes your beliefs and you arrive at your own type of wisdom which makes you an irreplaceable place of this world.
Deep within these codes live inbuilt survival mechanisms designed to gain food, find shelter and reproduce. Comparing yourself against others thousands of years ago was probably paramount, but there has always been someone who wanted to stray from that formulae and that is where we become a fascinating species. Never doubt that you are a vital force here to experience, enjoy, love, create and adventure, but know that you have a purpose! That purpose does not necessary i…

The Rapture in Spiritual Practice

Those who spend time in spiritual practice may express views of rapturous experiences bringing them closer to their chosen deity or energetic source. Exquisite spiritual experiences are not common occurrences, they happening unexpectedly for reasons that may elude the individual or may be obvious after time in reflection. Such a connection gives a sense of bliss, understanding and calmness. This conformation brings light to the world of the initiate/adept encouraging them to keep pursuing their aspirations. Timing is also important as the experience may lead onto other things where you meet people that are vital or direction in your travels.
Spiritual practices are personal and unique; initially gathered from religious doctrines, spiritual experiences and personal skills – these grow into simple traditions that bring happiness, growth and wisdom. A daily or weekly ritual may be as simple as a candle, incense, gentle music and meditation, or sitting outdoors listening to the sounds of n…

The Euphoria of Completion

All things begin and spark with enthusiasm, but only profound ideas backed by faith and dedication reach completion. The completion of any major project has had years of creative input, tactician like planning, full-scale activation, effortless labouring, frustrating challenges, artistic refinement , persuasive marketing and the finished product can stand alone. It is often a lifetime achievement, though some may have had two or three major accomplishments over the years. Not all ideas will reach completion if the underlying contention is weak. Completion requires a firm foundation, a balanced structure and true belief in the theory at hand. No half-hearted idea will reach fruition – it takes the eccentric secretive genius within to reach the ecstasy of completion. The core components of any great achievement are belief and dedication; any project will wither without these supports. Only those who have battled with the sword of love and wisdom will know exultation.
Celebrate with that…