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Prime Focusing Point

We may not always notice a concentrated focusing of our thoughts in one or two areas of life. There is a lot of surface babble going on in the mind and deeper thoughts that need closer attention. Looking carefully at this you can see patterns quickly emerge. Things that you believe, subjects that challenge you, thoughts about others, the darker and lighter sides of your personality and fears that you keep hidden are all in the mix of your minds daily journeys. Our thoughts are made up of memories – all that we have seen, done, experienced, invented, judged and imagined. Somewhere is this chatter are a few focusing points that get all the attention!
You will notice your minds prime focusing points in moments when you are quiet, doing repetitive tasks or when you are waiting. It may be just five minutes, but our vast intelligence is busy creating numerous scenarios where victory, love, revenge and adventure are playing out. Most of the time this has a minor impact on life or you totally …