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Exploring Genetic Inheritance

 It is natural that we inherit some physical features from both parents. We might have the eye colour of our mother, but the stature of our father, but is there a case for our skills or intelligence – that they have been passed on somewhere through the family line? We learn continuously from the day we are born and can be influenced from various sources as we make life’s journey. When we do something or have some skill set that no one else seems to have within the family the questioning begins. Understanding your genetic inheritance requires some exploring of the family line. You can ask questions of older relatives, start researching your family lineage and make enquires at family reunions. You can search historical records for the professions of your relatives on marriage or death certificates. Of course this doesn’t account for hobbies and other talents when they were often marginalised to keep large families fed in difficult times. Wills, personal letters and greeting card