Existence and Meaning, Inspirational Insight No. 70

People are encased in a framework by which they assess life. This framework alters from the perspective of different nations, cultures and experiences. Family procedures and beliefs influence our childhoods, while young adults delve into break-away thinking. The advice we accept and that which we relinquish are equally important as we uncover new directions. Existence and meaning can be deep cryptic contemplations that hover within plain view, though answers seem to elude capture at the very last minute. Focusing on one’s self and humanities existence can be perplexing and it is not always encouraged. Questions and answers about origins, life and the universe will always linger in the minds of the curious. Life’s meaning could sit with a simple framework of play, discovery, education, employment, love, family and longevity, though this path may not be an obtainable. Existence, the reason we are alive at all, as individuals and as a species is more complex. Maybe a combination of stand…

The Evolution of Future Sensitives, No. 69

In order to combat global deterioration, heightened sensitivity is evolving. This seed in many is strong and focused, though not given the world platform needed to grow in the general populous. Human nature is moving away from aggression in very slow increments because its purpose is limited. Survival has not moved far from prehistoric models, people are still threatened by other people and changes in nature. Unfortunately, a percentage of misleading companies and governments have the power to destroy who or what they like for continued profit. Though humanity needs some sort of governance to avoid chaos, overt control over populations creates even more conflict. Only gentle compassionate leadership is needed to create stable and fair civilisations.
It’s not hard to see that our time on a liveable planet is limited. Prevention is a better place to be because some things are not curable. The enemy has a human face and greed through socially advancement is its vehicle. This is the diseas…

Unethical Self-Focused Discrimination, No. 68

People have done horrendous acts to each other according to a hierarchy based on culture, religion and skin colour. The shame of this is measured in the archives, but so much of it is hidden and the rest will never be known. Massacrers, slavery, torture, rape, hangings and mutilations present a sad picture of civilisation. Humanity will never fully flourish while thoughts of superiority simmer in stubborn minds. Cultures have always valued kings, queens, leaders and warriors; that system of noble to pauper is imbedded in collective story telling. Ethical leadership is needed, but corruption and discrimination shows a systemic weakness within. Favouring one people above all others has never ended well. Making fun of people because they look different or don’t hold the same beliefs as you is no reason to project personal hatred. Minorities groups are quickly branded in derogatory terms because they search for more – an improvement in circumstances.
The foundation of modern racism stems f…

From Human to Machine; Manufactured Drudgery, No. 67

Did humanity fare well as large nations developed? Prosperity in flourishing cities does have a downside. Wants and needs lead to large-scale production and that leads to poverty and drudgery for at least a quarter of the population. The desire for more turned humans into machines; a mind numbing experience of toil for very little in return! The twenties century bought an influx of manufacturing to the world. The human spirit and any creativity lost to repetitive task.
The industrial revolution ushered in a new era of slaves. The cost of new products and inventions bought long hours, poor health, workplace accidents, physical exhaustion, and early deaths. The industry took the young and accelerated aging. Mental health was at an all-time low because people are not machines; they are equipped for variation, not production lines. Parents wanted a better future for their children, as daily struggles to feed families were difficult. Who is to blame; the business people who owned the factor…

Transformative Experiences, No. 66

Only extreme circumstances trigger drastic change. The steady flow of life is suddenly interrupted. The mind becomes numb and time is needed for the adjustment. Daily life becomes something else that cannot be defined as days turn into weeks. The shock and denial shifts to the frustration and unfairness of the situation. Self-talk eventually exposes the unavoidable new reality as the mind searches for solutions. The experience rewires the brain to cope with the stress of new challenges.
In past human history life was in constant change as tribal groups migrated. Hunter gathering meant the mind was instinctive, alert and in tune with the natural world. Dwellings in village settings may have been dismantled to follow seasonal foods. Eventually life became more settled and people enjoyed their fixed locations, but if survival was difficult and no work could be found, the moving continued. These were the times of the multi-skilled humans, just being good at one thing wasn’t always enough t…

Uncertainty in a Global Pandemic, No.65

Lurking, replicating, spreading; that is the insidious power of a global pandemic. At first its only rumours, then verification, that is when fear settles in the hearts of all nations. Measures put in place only have meagre defences for countries unprepared. Large cities and small villages cannot escape while travel and movement are part of daily life. Isolation is crucial to limiting any virus or influenza epidemic though some feel untouchable and continue to mix within society. Education, science and hygiene puts the modern world is a far better place than those of the ancient history or the middle ages, yet disease can still flourish. Ignorance, wether purposeful or oblivious, is the main conduit for disease.
The ancestors were aware they needed to isolate to some degree or they were locked in their houses by officials. A red or black cross was painted on the doors of the sick as a warning and to ‘pray for mercy.’ Horrendous diseases like Bubonic Plague meant people would try to get…

The Divide Between People and Personal Principles, No. 64

Humanity as a whole is fraught with conflict because the personal beliefs of one are not accepted by others. Individuals are influence by their lives so far; culture, education and experience impact their views. This is not new, but how far will people go to be free of oppositional people? Relationships hit difficult ground when opinions are divided. Though many things can be worked out, strong beliefs can separate individuals. The divide between personal principles and oppositional people might be a choice or a driving necessity.
Aggressive self-centred behaviour is part of the human condition; the training to lessen that begins when we are children. Though this is part of human nature subduing it means we can take part in society. Nowhere in human history are people shown as gentle loving beings devoid of conflict. Dominance, arrogance and greed only lead to separation and misery. Are communication skills failing our species? Can better language fix these problems or do our underlyi…