Transformative Experiences, No. 66

Only extreme circumstances trigger drastic change. The steady flow of life is suddenly interrupted. The mind becomes numb and time is needed for the adjustment. Daily life becomes something else that cannot be defined as days turn into weeks. The shock and denial shifts to the frustration and unfairness of the situation. Self-talk eventually exposes the unavoidable new reality as the mind searches for solutions. The experience rewires the brain to cope with the stress of new challenges.

In past human history life was in constant change as tribal groups migrated. Hunter gathering meant the mind was instinctive, alert and in tune with the natural world. Dwellings in village settings may have been dismantled to follow seasonal foods. Eventually life became more settled and people enjoyed their fixed locations, but if survival was difficult and no work could be found, the moving continued. These were the times of the multi-skilled humans, just being good at one thing wasn’t always enough to support life.

In the twenty century a location to call home is the usually situation for most of the world’s people. Housing might be thought of as a luxury in times of displacement through war, disease, natural disasters and human aggression. Many live in makeshift shelters, government tents and portable units during these times. What can humanity learn in tumultuous disruptions? Is life’s purpose changed, can the frivolous be relinquished? Is the cold face of survival back in clear view? When times are prosperous it is natural to want more, but not having clear goals with humanity in mind leads to selfishness.

Unexpected natural disasters and expected human-made catastrophes do not lessen the shock of the situation. Some look at the future as see what is coming and try to prevent additional problems. Some look at the future and think they can do little. Some remain ignorant and think life will always be the same. Stability in the near future or for future generations seems to be something the human mind cannot fully grasp. Getting past an adolescent era of self-centredness could take world populations to a future of sensitive awareness. That doesn’t imply that it would be easier, just that reality allows for better repair. Who is capable of teaching this level of clarity? That responsibility belongs to all of us; no one has the right to destroy our place in this world. Education at all levels is needed because the system we have created clashes with a sustainably healthy planet. Transformation brings resilience and a new world view.

Sharon D Bush
Writer   Historian   Artisan   Sage     

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