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Unhooking the Desire for Perfection, No. 55

The human mind is littered with ideals of perfection. People push themselves beyond their limits to reach targets that they think are obtainable. Some believe this is expected of them and others have such a driving determination that their goal completely takes over life. Aiming high is a human trait that can get obsessive, but does perfection lead to delay and wasted opportunities? Can perfection miss the mark and create conditions that are not ideal at all? Perfection is the act of improving something until it is faultless, though everyone has a different idea of what that means to them. Can the great works of humanity be considered perfect, since seemingly untouchable inventions are always being improved on by others over the centuries? Are individuals trying to reach an end stage of a completion that may never arrive? At some point the time wasting has to stop and satisfaction achieved. Obsessions can be dangerous, destructive and detrimental to family relationships. The