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Core Purity

  Throughout life we carry within us a natural state of core purity – a sense of pristine clarity and stillness that is ethical and compassionate. In purpose this pureness guides us like an internal compass that triggers questions, especially when an imbalance or unexpected event arises. Though this virtue is a natural presence, noticing it and taking joy from it will empower you, your purpose and the direction you pursue. Purity is yours in daily life; it gives a sense of understanding and calmness as it filters through the body, mind and soul like the sunlight dancing on the green leaves of spring. The purity of many is a profound revolution! However, living a falseness is damaging to the innate purity of which we are born! Being less than honest with yourself weakens your core purity. Feel the difference between right and wrong. Speak the gentle and honest truth. There has to be balance; you can’t conceal the problems of others (they must face this on their own), you can’t h