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Will Modernity Spell the Demise of Religion in the Future?

  The wane of religions establishments in the West is clearly evident.  Many are outgrowing religions than cannot keep up with modern living, changing ideologies, technology, science, spirituality and less free time. In the East where the grip of religion is firmly entrenched in culture, politics and everyday life religion is thriving, but not by choice, by birth (the family you were born into). The rhetoric that binds people to religion is falling away – the dark places these organisations created to keep attendance high over the centuries have lost their power over a free thinking populous. Modernity means education and education means thinking for yourself and dispelling anything unreasonable, uncomfortable or stagnant. What draws people to religion is familiar faces, ceremony, routine, fear, safety and helping the community, but spiritual satisfaction seems harder to find – it appears that many are just going through the motions and people are not quite sure how they fit int