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The Upheaval of Swift Unexpected Change

No one is prepared for the shock or heartache when the moment arrives. The wave of disbelief is felt throughout the entire body which quickly sends out messages of fear. Looking for the good side meets with uncertainty in the early days because you don’t have the strength to cope with problem solving. Breathing is slow and trance-like as you stare into an abyss of fog. All planning and routine have fallen as you are stuck in a place you haven’t been before. You know there is a way round these feelings, but there is no hurry to achieve. The emotional experience must be fulfilled in order for healing and growth to emerge. Swift change is a shocking and life changing event! Whether it is a death, a lucky escape, a job loss, a serious injury, an altered relationship, financial distress, or a natural disaster, it’s new territory that brings a great sense of loss. Initially it’s a flight or fight response, but responsibility brings you back to the decision making that has to take plac