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Your Own Style of Relaxation

Over the centuries, since our species evolved, people have been required to work! Though a great deal of this is naturally about survival, millions have been slaves to benefit others, or put in situations where working seven days a week was the normal state of being (this still happens today, to a lesser degree). In many cases these individuals did not have the quality of life and freedom of expression we have today. Relaxation was a practice few had time for. Sleep would have been the only serenity in a harsh life. In the last few centuries change has occurred with one or two days leave each week and shorter working hours for some. Now we have a little time to pursue our hobbies or discover the relaxation techniques that keeps us balanced. Without relaxation we are machines taking one step after another. With relaxation the heart and mind have time to contemplate that deeply spiritual part of ourselves. From that centeredness comes something magical – the beauty, peace and

Appreciation: Giving Thanks for What You Have

At the closure of any year and the beginning of a new one it is nice to reflect upon the precious moments that you have experienced. Three hundred and sixty five days is a lot to think about and there will moments of joy and sorrow that come to the fore. Some years have an overall feel that can be fast, joyful, stressful, unpredictable, erratic or peaceful. Memories are made up of the sights, smells, textures, tastes and sounds that well in our emotions. If something has had a strong effect on you it is stored and easily recalled. There are also many smaller moments to be appreciated, the ones that keep life balanced and joyful. It is easy to just continue on with life, to keep moving forward – though without giving thanks for the special people in your life and your achievements it can fly passed unacknowledged. Maybe it’s time to show some appreciation in simple ways; give a simple flower, delight in the home cooked meal, offer heart felt appreciation, be conscious of the co